Home Maintenance Instructions

Your new custom home is not only a financial investment, but an investment of your time and creativity.  In order to maintain your new home in peak condition we recommend the following quarterly, semi-annual, and annual maintenance:

Quarterly Maintenance Items

Maintenance Item Objective
Crawl space Moisture, leaks, cracks, and signs of termites or other invasive insects need to be addressed.
Foundation Check for leaks or cracks, including in ducts and vents.
Garage door Test for functionality. Apply lubricant if needed.
Central Vac Clean out central vac reservoir.
Heating and cooling systems Clean filters and replace as needed.
Kitchen and bathroom cabinets Examine cabinets for leaks or cracks.
Landscape Ensure drainage is adequate.
Pipes Examine visible areas of pipes for cracks or leaks.
Refrigerator Clear away dust from top, clean drain pan, and clean freezer if needed.
Toilets Examine to ensure functionality and check for leaks.
Water heater Check for leaks in visible areas around water heather.  Drain if there is hard water.
Wiring, electrical cords, and plugs Examine for damage or wear and tear. Replace parts as needed.
Wood cabinets Use a wood protectant to promote lasting quality.


Annual or Semi-Annual Maintenance Items

Cooling system Clean area around units with garden hose after clearing away debris. Store your window air conditioner or cover with waterproof canvas. Remove window air conditioner or protect with weatherproof plastic cover. If needed, clean filters and replace.
Faucets Replace or fix if there are leaks.
Fire Alarms Be sure to replace batteries regularly and test your alarms.
Fireplace Clean your chimney and have a professional inspect it for safety.
Pest control Examine residence for infestations. Hire a professional pest control specialist if needed to treat the area.
Sprinklers Examine sprinkler heads for clogged heads. Before the first frost of winter, have a professional blow sprinklers. Activate sprinkler system in Spring.